I'm a current features writer for Atlanta Pet Life where I cover the interaction between pets and how they work alongside professionals in mental health and charity. 


"If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re not imagining things. “Dogs know when something is wrong with you” Debbie explains. “The science backs it up.” Researchers at Goldsmith’s College in London found that dogs not only feel empathy for the distress of their owners, they are actively distressed by their owners’ unhappiness. Dogs often tend to actively try to assist and comfort their companions when they are distressed. In some studies, dogs would ignore their own comfort to try to aid their owners."

-- From, Meeting Debbie and Wallace

"Kathi and the Girlz burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle scene a few years ago when they started getting attention for their lavish dresses and costumes. Dogs in cute outfits are one of the few remaining non-controversial things in the world and people loved them."

--From, An Interview with the Atlanta Girlz Club