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"As a roleplaying game, D&D expects you to find your inner thespian and get into character. Some people get more into character than others. Sooner or later, you will find a friend that really gets deep into character. Maybe they will yell out magic words when they cast spells, maybe they will show up to the game drunk on mead and yell about honor and glory; the specifics vary from table to table."

-- From, 11 Things You Learn About Your Friends From Playing D&D

"It can't be easy working with people in the middle of a prolonged and very public manic episode, just take what happened on Two and a Half Men. While Charlie Sheen was making bold declarations about having tiger blood to the media, he was also having a massive ego trip behind the scenes. Sheen was making demands for higher pay, despite earning more money than any other television actor at the time, as well as being unreliable on set. Eventually he was let go and replaced by Ashton Kutcher."

--From, Behind the Scenes Feuds That Changed the Direction of Famous Shows

"Playing Pokemon Go is like driving drunk: crashes are inevitable. Pokemon Go has app stability issues reminiscent of a late game Jenga tower and far beyond what's acceptable for something made by a professional company. Worse yet, it's absolutely galling for a game utilizing one of the most profitable intellectual properties in Nintendo’s fold."

-From, 13 Things Pokemon Go Needs to Change Asap